Thursday, August 30, 2012

Article: What Kind of Book Reader Are You? A Diagnostics Guide by Jen Doll

Just came across this article on The Atlantic Wire titled: What Kind of Book Reader Are You? A Diagnostics Guide by Jen Doll.

After reading it, I must say that it lacks several other types... what about a Voracious Reader - one who just can't seem to stop and spends every spare moment with their nose stuck in a book or the screen of a tablet/phone? I think I am definitely one of those. I spend a lot of time reading - both for pleasure and to build a solid reader's advisory foundation... maybe I should amend the title type and call it an Escapist Voracious Reader - since reading gives me a pleasurable break from life.

Then there's the Skip to the End to See if it Ends Well reader - where they check to see if they're happy with the ending... you know, to see if nobody dies at the end or if the characters have a h.e.a. (happily ever after).

What about the Must Read In Order reader - where even though you spot a book that seems interesting on a shelf, be it at the store or the library - you must find the very first book in the series, no matter what! Heaven forbid if you find out what happens to the characters and then have to go back and reread the first book(s) all the while knowing what is going to happen!! (I think I am one of those as well...)

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