Thursday, May 5, 2011

Final Reflection For Class

This class has really opened up my eyes to the human/people aspect of research. I think that up to this point, I have mainly been dealing with secondary research – just having to analyze what someone else has written. I guess I have reached a point where I will be relying on freshly collected data – data that I will more likely than not be collecting myself as a librarian. This makes me think of the amount of data analysis that will have to be done and how my understanding of marketing will help me in analyzing trends and the like.

The class has also allowed me to explore the different areas that interest me and which I'd be interested in doing further research on. Being exposed to different methods and ideas has started something churning in the back of my mind… I am not sure when I will be starting on it, but the foundation is being built…

I think my niche though is with the anime/manga-loving teens. My background as both a fan and staff member of an anime convention brings a lot more to the table than the average librarian, which makes me really want to make the program extra special. I would like to ensure that the teens are doing more than just sitting there and watching random episodes. There is more to learn and enjoy from anime and manga and there are many ways that as librarians we can tie in other subjects/ideas into the program. I think I want to push my love of the Japanese culture and infuse the program with that love and knowledge so that teens will gain so much more and will have a new appreciation for what they are watching and reading.