Saturday, April 2, 2011

Literature Reviews...

At this point of my research I had to create a literature review. At first I had no clue where to start… and I really didn't know how I wanted to or should review the literature… of course the first part was finding said literature.

Some key words – key word combos for research:
reading online
media reading
Internet and reading

My first steps included skimming the articles to see if they had anything to do with what I wanted to write about, which was the changing definition of reading amongst youth and the role that adults play in that. It was hard because some of the articles would only refer vaguely to the Internet. Getting my thoughts together in a cohesive way also took some time… I found myself glancing to a few citations for ideas about how to find more research articles on my topic. What I did find did surprise me because there still isn't as much on showing the relationship between leisure reading and how it is changing… other than being negative – mainly numerical data showing that the time teens spend on leisure reading decreases as they reach adulthood… I think I grew frustrated over not seeing enough research on methods of stopping that and reversing it or giving CPR so that reading would be fun again for teens. My other problem is that I am going to be working in the public library… unless a certain librarian in a certain private elementary school retires soon and I go in that direction… (sorry for the sidetrack…) anyways, my issue is that as a public librarian there is little you can do to influenced assigned reading from school. I found a lot of research that could be a starting point to help teachers see the light but feel that there's more that can be done from a librarians perspective… I have to say at this point I don't know what that is yet… but I believe that additional research will begin to reveal possible solutions…

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