Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Expanding a Reasearch Idea

As the research process goes through various stages, so does the initial idea, topic or question asked. As new information comes to light, it gives opportunities to tweak the idea/question as needed.

Originally, my broad topic was about youth and reading and that made me delve into the reading habits of youth. As I was able to read the research that I collected I began to formulate an idea in my mind about how I wanted to go about creating an idea for further research.

What immediately came to mind was the way that the idea of reading was being defined... mostly by the adults... and the message that is passed on to youth about what is and isn't considered reading. I believe that the definition of reading is changing as more and more teens are spending their time online. In the preliminary research that I read, several surveys were showing a particular trend...  the teens that were interviewed for the surveys said they didn't have time to "read" - well... that made me want to ask some questions... What about all those magazines and online materials they're reading? How did that factor into their responses? How would those responses change if they knew that they could consider that as reading? Would their answers change if adults didn't frown upon the other kind of reading that isn't book-reading? I know there are many worthy blogs, author pages, e-zines and other online sources that can spawn further curiosity on a topic. What if teachers encouraged their students to look online, and then find a topic they like and then read some books about it?

So... I plan to do more research on The Changing Definition of Reading Amongst Youth ... and who knows, I may tweak my original question/idea at some point as I read more...

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