Tuesday, December 7, 2010

What Librarians Might Be Facing...

So... I was looking at the Comics section of The Seattle Times and what do I see? A cute little baby finding his very first book... what cracked me up was the fact that he wanted to turn it on... so what does that mean?

Is this an indicator of the future of books and reading? Or will books still be around for the sake of being able to physically hold something and turn the pages.

I must say that I find sitting down with a good book to be fun. I really enjoy reading and find pleasure in turning the pages and finding out what happens next.

I have also tried some of the different e-readers available - mainly Adobe Reader (PDFs), Adobe Digital Editions (ePub), and Microsoft Reader (Lit)... these are okay... I end up buying e-books or checking them out from the library website because I want them now and don't want to go driving to the book store or waiting on amazon to deliver them.

I tried audiobooks... but to me they go too slow for me to actually enjoy them... even if they have a great person reading, like Neil Patrick Harris... I can't even make myself listen to audiobooks in the car since I enjoy listening to my music mixes of dance, techno, JPop, JRock, pop, rock, etc...

Overall, I think that books will still be around, even if they end up being offered on different platforms and in different formats. The idea of owning your favorite book and being able to take it with you or reach for it when you need it will not be replaced by digital copies. I mean, I still have my dog-eared copy of Princess Bride which I read for the first time in... 3rd grade? Don't ask me how may times I've read it since...

(Here's where you say - "As you wish...")

You just can't beat snuggling down under a down blankie, with some hot cocoa or tea and some snack, and reading a book... these days, with almost all of us staring at some digital screen all day long, our eyes get tired... and I am sure that coming home and staring at a screen to read a book will only add to your exhaustion.

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