Saturday, November 13, 2010

Connecting With Tweens Through Marketing

In Westlund's (2010) article, the quote that caught my eye was: "'Today's teens are the first generation to grow up in a three-screen world: online, offline and mobile,' says Erin Cliff, svp of global sales development at AOL." It made me think of the additional work marketers need to go through to plan campaigns to reach their audience. It used to be simple… and now it is not. In the case of librarians, we are basically running around from one platform to another attempting to catch our target audience while they are logged on.

We can take an example from celebrities - these days it is those who tweet most often or make the most connections with their fans that are the most popular – so as librarians we should take the hint and use all possible channels to share library news, book reviews and whatever else that would interest tweens. The article mentioned that teens and tweens have a high expectation of interactive products… so whatever we do as librarians will need to be good. The only way we can do this without hiring a professional web designer is to learn how to use blogs, how to tweet, how to create websites. If we're lucky enough, the library we work for will pay for any workshops or training sessions.

Marketing the library and the books inside can be a tricky thing. I think that the best way that librarians are able to market the books they want tweens and teens to look at is through the various displays they create. The hardest part though is balancing out books intended for girls versus those for boys. Boys are harder to convince to read… and the only way to do so is to make it cool.


Westlund, R. (2010). Teens: One distracted audience. How to reach this multitasking demo. Brandweek, 51(38), T1. Retrieved from Academic Search Premier database at Persistent URL:

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